Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New year new direction

So I finished my Diploma of Illustration in 2012 and after a few months of rest and some doddling in my sketchbooks Ive been slowly creating a style and backlog of work that Im hapy to present and market for my freelancing. I have however started a BA Fine Arts in Print Imaging at RMIT which is throwing up all new ideas but within the realm of print making. Alot of my Illustration work took from these sources and styles anyway so it makes perfect sense to do this degree as an extention of my Illustration career.
Heres some things Ive been liking and working on of late as well as some outside inspirations.

More geometric shapes. :)


Inking up items and putting them through the printing press. 
This and the one below have had digital alterations.

Also loving the mexi theme surrounding melbourne at the moment.

And here are a few of the inspirations sourced online etc from the last month or two...... > > > >

Chicks on speed (tapestry piece that the visitor to Craft Vic were asked to contribute to). 
I worked for the duration of this exhibition in 2009 as a volunteer host.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

colours, moods and inspirations

Welcome to the first post for 2013! I have been busy being unproductive most of the year thus far. Well, that is a little white lie. I have been productive but not as creatively productive. I have been clearing out my art studio in Fitzroy to relocate it to my cozy home in Carlton North where I can take advantage of a room at the back of my rambling sharehouse in which myself and my other creative housemates can do their painting, costume designing, sewing, home brewing and such delights. The next phase is here. I will be starting a Fine Arts degree in Print imaging in about 1.5 months so i am using this holidays time to catch up with friends/fam and do general summery things. I have recently started to create loads of swatches and pattern samples and thought I would make this post about a dedication to my current colours/moods and inspirations (hence the title). Here is the vibe for the day!

> > >