Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Music link (and) some Photo documents.

MUSIC (y) - 

Below I've added a link to my songs/musical projects on myspace.
You can hear  few rough songs I've added online. Just having fun, might start something live or band related soonish..

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Heres a few more photos in and around my neighbourhood of Melbourne that I like to document, a vibrant inner city area of Brunswick and surrounding suburbs. Beautiful old houses, great pubs, street art and local happenings.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Photographs I have taken in and around Melbourne recently, the locations, colours and subject matter have inspired me in various artworks.


Here are a few pictures from the ANIMAL PORTRAITS series.
1 of the artworks was exhibited in Melbourne for 'Ladyfest' in November 2009 at Melbourne Trades Hall (see first picture below).
I have also show some more detailed close ups of work in the series.

Thread and ink on fabric.

Initial pen and ink drawing.

Initial pen and ink drawing.

2009 Exhibition piece.

Further Developments in the 'ANIMAL PORTRAITS' project.
(polaroid pen and marker drawings on paper tote bag)